shack attack

wonder valley ca.    2000

wonder valley,  east of 29 palms largest marine base in the usa.   the hot spot retreat for artists ,  written up in the new york times etc.  having your own 5 acres to do whatever.  a visual mess, out of control.   the abused desert yelling for restoration.

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Joshua tree rock junction II

glen howard small      aia architect            consultant :   jack rendler        june 2021

joshua tree village is functioning with  a deadly highway 62 running right though town to the largest marine base in the usa in 29 palms with an intersection at park blvd to joshua tree national park with 3 million visitors a year.

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after designing a monument to david bowie.  my daughter Lucia Small ,  pushing for me to do a monument for black lives matter.  but i then realizing the bowie   monument  has the overtones of   a rainbow of black lives matter.  i a martin luther king  rainbow guy of all lives matter ,  but totally into black lives matter with no violence or looting.   lucia upon seeing the result saying love this”.

the next step is convincing others to built.

like most original art,  the idea is the gift,  the refining and perfecting a given.

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