MUSEUM OF MODERN ART,  MoMA  new york city  sept 17 2023 – january 20 2024

i will be there sept 17th for the public opening and in new york from 13th through 18th.

the museum of modern art curator carson chan and assistant matthew wagstaffe came to visit me in my joshua tree studio cabin in the desert in early spring of 2023.

they had tracked me down.  i was delighted and i bombarded them with my numerous eco friendly projects of the last 57 years.

their  survey show of 45 eco practitioners 1930-1990  coming at the subject matter with varying points of view.  thus limited to what could be shown.

i am thrilled and grateful to be included.

they picked the biomorphic biosphere and the green machine to present. biomorphic biosphere is a regional plan to restore  the los angeles basin to a natural eco system.  the existing city gradually replaced with an ecological human made hollow mountain touching ground points miles apart.  conceptual worked out to build.   see  smallatlarge.com   biomorphic biosphere 1-6.

the 1977-1980 green machine was the shrunken biomorphic biosphere for low cost housing.  with used airstream trailers,  modular housing and mechanical core artist studios.  seeking to be self sufficient,  yet fun and inspirational.  see smallatlarge.com    green machine 1-3.

the show made possible by emilio ambasz, who created an institute for joint study of the built and natural environment at moma and who is in the show: artist, architect, industrial designer. an 80 year old whiz kid who puts his money where his heart is to better the planet.


biomorphic biosphere

green machine

Emilio Ambasz, Ant Farm, Phyllis Birkby, Cambridge Seven Associates, Dandridge M. Cole and Roy Scarfo, Cosanti Foundation, Carolyn Dry, Eames Office and Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo Associates, Environmental Communications, Howard T. Fisher, Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, R. Buckminster Fuller, Anna Halprin and Lawrence Halprin, Wolf Hilbertz, Ralph Knowles, John C. Lilly with Margaret Howe Lovatt, Ian McHarg, Murphy & Mackey, NASA/Gerard K. O’Neill, New Alchemy Institute, Aladar Olgyay and Victor Olgyay, Gaetano Pesce, Michael Reynolds, Glen Small, Mária Telkes and Eleanor Raymond, Eugene Tssui, Oswald Mathias Ungers, Warren County citizens concerned about PCBs, Malcolm Wells, Beverly Willis, James Wines/SITE, Frank Lloyd Wright.
Carson Chan
Director of the Emilio Ambasz Institute 
for the Joint Study of the Built and Natural


ART PAPERS 47.01 – Fall 2023



This issue of ART PAPERS—Counter Ecologies—is guest edited by Carson Chan and staff of the Emilio Ambasz Institute for the Joint Study of the Built and Natural Environment at MoMA. The special issue digs into cultural contexts behind ecological visions being presented in the exhibition Emerging Ecologies: Architecture and the Rise of Environmentalism(on view at MoMA September 17, 2023–January 20, 2024)—the first comprehensive survey of environmental architecture at a major museum.

Edited to accompany the exhibition and its catalogue, this issue of ART PAPERS foregrounds the always-political dimension of any environmental project. In claiming to speak for the earth, this issue asks: Whose voices have been foregrounded, and whose have been silenced? What are the counter ecologies that run against the mainstream dictates of environmental discourse? Whether shining a light on the pioneering but unsung work of environmental architects, or tracing the continuing impact of past environmental justice movements on the activism of today,Counter Ecologies presents many conflicting political projects launched under the sign of the ecological.

Table of Contents


Carson Chan + Ambasz Institute


Eva Lavranou On Coconuts and EarthshipsAn Interview with Mae-ling Lokko

Daniel Barber Architecture and Sufficiency: A Case Study in Applied History

Karina Teichert Protests – Warren County, Uma Dam, Cop City, etc

Dalal Musaed Alsayer Constructing the Environmental Imaginary

Omeasoo Wahpasiw Letters to my Friends: Indigenous Land as Monument

Matthew Wagstaffe An Architectural Nature—Interview with Glen Small

Emilio Ambasz Fables




Samantha Muka Flipper, Cousteau, and Homo aquaticus

Rami Kanafani The Last Frontier Left to Conquer: Brief Reflections on Silent Running (1972)

Emily Klancher Merchant The Population Bomb in the Rearview Mirror

Meredith Gaglio Bioshelter Toilet

Nicholas Risteen Arata Isozaki, Re-Ruined Hiroshima, photomontage, 1968


Phyllis Birkby Images



Drew Zeiba Environment (n.)



  1. Hi Glen, I was at the exhibit on Friday and fortunate enough to meet you. Thanks again for popping over and saying hello! I really enjoy your work and will definitely be following along.

  2. people of the world,
    great time in new york, talking to people from around the world.
    back in my cabin in joshua tree, safe and sound with lion tracks outside.

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